Nostalgic Movies (DCTV2009)

They will make a movie out of anything these days, so we’ll make fun of those movies before they even get made … just so we don’t have to do it later.

Written & Produced by Stephen Granade
Music: Violets Are Blue by Laikros (Creative Commons)

Mad Junior High Scientists (DCTV2009)

Those kids that got picked on in school may grow up to be mad scientists. Do they ever shed their nerd habits from school?

Written & Produced by Stephen Granade
Music: No. 5 (NG Edit) by ParagonX9 and Summer Solace by durn

Lens Flare (DCTV2009)

The new Trek movie is bright and shiny … really bright, really shiny. Those lens flares are impressive.

Produced by Chris Kern for Dragon*ConTV 2009
Written by Brian Richardson

Like Showering (DCTV2009)

One constant issue at Dragon*Con is personal hygiene … it’s over 30,000 people in several confined spaces, so these sort of things are bound to happen. Of course, Dragon*ConTV has some helpful hints.

Written & Produced by Stephen Granade for Dragon*ConTV 2009
Music: Auricom by Tomas PhUsIoN (Creative Commons)

Lazy Fantasy (DCTV2009)

People think fantasy gets no credit because Dragon*Con is considered a “sci-fi” convention. We at Dragon*ConTV love fantasy, and we use this video to demonstrate the difference between sci-fi and fantasy.

Written by Brian Richardson, Produced by Stephen Granade
Music: Dragonspace by DJ DragonBoy

Killer M’s (DCTV2009)

It’s time for another virtual showdown between Dragon*Con guests. This episode is sponsored by the letter M.

Produced & Written by Stephen Granade for Dragon*Con 2009
Music: Side B – Squareshot by Cixxx J (Creative Commons)