Inside the Minds of Dragon*ConTV

Join some of the folks who create Dragon*ConTV for a discussion of the creative process, producing content on a non-existent budget and a look at our outtakes.

“Creating Dragon*ConTV” is part of the Dragon*Con Podcasting Track at Dragon*Con 2009 (Sept 4-7). The panel is on Friday, Sept. 4th at 4:00PM in the Atlanta Hilton, Room 204. Schedules are subject to change, so check the Daily Dragon for more information.

The Club (DCTV2009)

They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” … what happens when life gives you prehistoric car theft? Well, if you’re on Dragon*ConTV, you make a commercial. Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2009.

Trek Support (DCTV2009)

What happens when your sci-fi franchise isn’t performing like it used to? Do what any modern citizen of the world does … call tech support. Produced for Dragon*ConTV 2009.

Dragon*ConTV must note that this video is fiction. Not only is it improbable that an actual tech support person would be this helpful or friendly, but this call was never routed outside of the United States. Any hold time experienced will be part of the 45 minute directors cut.