DCTV Update for the Marriott

Hello, it’s 9:26am at Dragogon*Con and the videography director is awake. Why? So he can tell the Marriott to fix the &^%$ audio on the DCTV feed.

We are sending them audio with the video, and Hyatt Channel 42 has DCTV with audio. No worries, I will fix.

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Bring Your Own Baby (bumper)

Dragon*Con 2007 is a big event, but it’s tough to leave the kids at home for the weekend. That’s why the convention offers childcare. Dragon*ConTV is here with some helpful hints when you B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby).

Produced for Dragon*Con 2007 by Dragon*ConTV

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: Duncan Beattie
Song Title: Open Source C

Zombie Reporter (from DCTV 2004)

Back in 2004, Dragon*ConTV produced a fake newscast (WDCN Channel 16 Action News). One of our favorite moments from the show was the field report on zombies in the park.

Since we’re going to have a lot of zombie content for Dragon*ConTV 2007, we felt it was good to go back to our first zombie appearance … plus you get to hear Thomas scream like a girl 🙂

Editor’s note: the behind the scenes footage from this shoot is funnier than the actual video. Check it out here: http://dragoncontv.com/videos/40/

Peace Bonding (bumper)

Dragon*Con 2007 is right around the corner. With that in mind, Dragon*ConTV would like to provide this little safety tip on peace bonding your weapons.

Produced by Dragon*ConTV for Dragon*Con 2007

Written By: Stephen Granade
Music By: Martin
Song Title: Lonely music