Just Around The Corner

It’s almost time … Dragon*Con 2006 starts on Friday! Get ready for lots of sci-fun, including the premiere of Dragon*ConTV 2006.

There’s an interview with Brian from Dragon*ConTV on this week’s Slice of SciFi podcast. Mike, Evo & Summer will be doing a live recording of the show at the Dragon*Con podcasting track (check the schedule at dragoncon.org for more details).

Also check out the “Ask DCTV” panel … Sunday ay 2:30PM in the Hyatt Regency Ballroom 5. We don’t know why they gave us a real panel, but now you can heckle us in person 🙂

Tribbles on a Ship! (DCTV2006)

More frightening than badgers on a boat … more unlikely than sharks on a truck … less appetizing than shrimp on a barbie … it’s motherfracking tribbles on a motherfracking ship!
Another DCTV video for Dragon*Con 2006. When the convention starts, we’ll be playing this video and many more at panels and on the hotel TV system … plus they’ll be posted here for free.

Syndication Stuff

Okay, some booring news about this site’s syndication feeds …

1. I am adding dragoncontv.com to Technorati (Technorati Profile).

2. Our iTunes feed got broken due to a misplaced ampersand (this thingy -> &). An update of PodPress fixed the issue, but iTunes disabled the feed and everything I did to enable it didn’t make it work properly. You can still subscribe directly to http://dragoncontv.com/feed/ in iTunes … but searching for us in the iTunes Podcast section won’t work for some stupid reason. Guess I need to buy an iPod to appeade the Great and Powerful Jobs  .

The More You Know: Assuming

Here’s another installment in our spoofs of NBC’s “The More You Know” public service announcements. Our DCTV2006 TMYK goes back in time to dig up a character from Flash Gordon.