Originals for Photoshop Contest

As if we didn’t have enough comedy for Dragon*Con 2006, DCTV wanted to see what the Photoshop wizards at FARK could with these Kling”O”n ” ph”O”t”O”s …

Klingon #1 [large JPEG] [smaller JPEG]
Klingon #2 [large JPEG] [smaller JPEG]

Poor, poor Kevin …

If/when this gets greenlit as a Photoshop contest at FARK, submit your entry per their rules. The best modified photos (SFW of course) will be shown as part of the Dragon*ConTV programming at Dragon*Con 2006 in Atlanta.

Update: FARK did not greenlight our contest 🙁 If you want to submit an entry, send a PNG or JPEG image smaller than 1MB to photos at dragoncontv dot com.