West Coast Style, Yo!

Thanks to the fine folks at BayCon’s BCTV, two “Best of Dragon*ConTV” segments will air on the in-house programming channel during BayCon 2006 in San Jose, CA. We’re glad BCTV wants to take DCTV nationwide, and we hope you don’t stay in your room the entire time waiting for the videos (they publish a schedule in their program guide, so read it & plan accordingly).

We’ll post the two 30 minute segments after BayCon is over. Go forth, enjoy the con … think of it as a warm-up for Dragon*Con 2006 🙂

Weekend Update

A lack of posts to the DCTV website does not mean we’re idle … we’re just napping after a long weekend. Yet another meeting & taping weekend generates lots of pixelated comedy that needs to be edited, formatted & uploaded for Dragon*Con 2006.

Fearless leader sees widescreen DCTV preview ... film at eleven.

Right now, the fearless leader needs DayQuil and sleep 🙁 Then we’ll startup the big bad dual-core editing machine and make some comedy!