DCTV 2004 Behind The Scenes Photos

Thanks to Amy for indexing the DCTV ‘Behind the Scenes’ photos. These are available courtesy of techops.net, the portal for Dragon*Con Technical Operations Staff.

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Yes, there will be a blooper reel … Brian is in the process of editing it, now that he has organized the tools in the basement (stupid chores).

2004 Masquerade Intro

Once again Patrick & Lucas come through with an intro video for the Dragon*Con Masquerade Costume Contest. Here’s the video introduction Dragon*ConTV made for the 2004 Masquerade (QuickTime). It’s a hybrid of the Matrix & Doctor Who introductions.

Produced by Patrick Freeman. Script & voiceovers by Brian Richardson & Patrick Freeman. Doctor Who inspired Dragon*Con logo by Lucas Leverett. Note that this clip does use some video segments from The Matrix.


Where can a futuristic shopper go to get the best prices on droids & tribbles? Dragon*ConTV answers that question with DVC … the Dragon*Con Value Channel. Another DCTV 2004 video, written & produced by Brian Richardson. Tim Gott & Michelle Levin star as our savings obsessed hosts.