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  1. Hey guys… Loving the feed in the Marriott, but the volume for the panels is sooooooo low. Had to turn the volume up to around 56 just to hear them talking. Then when it switches to the bumpers, we nearly blow the speakers and our eardrums… Can you fix the levels? Thanks! great stuff!

  2. The levels were still a problem this year. video to video to panels the volume would change by orders of magnitude. And there was a lot of flickering of the video feeds at the Hyat. Just minor comments, because it was again fantastic con and you are all amazing for doing this.

  3. I was looking for the video about women at DC and being part of the Geek culture. Loved the video and would like to share with friends. Are you going to post it somewhere?

  4. Hey DCTV, this is the first year in 10 that I am not staying in a host hotel. For all of us in overflow and other sorted places, any chance that DCTV will stream at some point so that we can get it wherever we are?

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