Weds, it’s the new Monday

There’s a reason I didn’t like Return of the Jedi. I mean… how can the well oiled, well trained, overpowering juggernaut that is the Imperial Navy get their asses completely kicked by a bunch of Muppets? Now granted, Muppets kick butt, and I can see Animal taking out 20 or thirty just by himself with nothing but his drumsticks, but HONESTLY. Couldn’t they sponsor a G.I. bill to get some more intelligent trooper material in there!

That, and the kid is just too derned cute for words. Very clever and VERY funny. Well done indeed.

Serious Black

Another clip of the week … somewhat delayed due to life, the universe & everything. This Harry Potter entry from the 2004 Dragon*Con Masquerade is an audience favorite.

Wuv, Twue wuv… It’s what bwings us togethaaaaa….

March is just around the corner. Spring is near…

Well the next tid bit is near and dear to me. I thought today about how spring is just around the corner… and what better way to express thoughts of spring than with a little spring … fever.. It’s that time of year again… Where I wish more and more how I weren’t single. Sarah… whever you are… I love you… I want to have your children…

Other than that… This is a pretty derrnnned funny bit. Enjoy kids!

Okay Kids, It’s that time!

Everyone clap your hands for the Return of the Clip of the Week !!!

Yes yes, this means every Friday there will be a new Clip of our favorite moments from Dragon Con 2004. Feel free to post your comments as to your likes and dislikes, requests for footage of stuffs… OR if you have a clip of Video you want to show of YOUR favorite moments… e-mail us here at DCTV and let us know!

This week’s clip was an incredible tribute to such a huge impacting part of my Childhood. These guys rocked the Casbah. I hope everyone enjoys!