Pon Farr … another DCTV joke comes true

Here at Dragon*ConTV headquarters, we try to think of the unthinkable … sci-fi crossing over into the mundane parts of everyday life. However, some things we think are too ridiculous to come true actually become sci-fact.

In this case, it’s Pon Farr Cologne. We made this joke in 2005, but apparently it’s going to be a reality when the new Trek movie comes out later in 2009

DCTV fan “Lars” pointed out a story that’s been circulating on Huffington Post & Slice of SciFi about the movie tie-in. We really have no words to describe our feelings about this … it’s all quite terrible, especially since we’re not going to get paid for our astounding vision into this Trek-scented future.

Bonus: 2008 DragonCon Parade

Thanks to Dana, Claire & Tommy from Dragon*Con videography for capturing the 2008 Parade. Here’s the video for your enjoyment.

Note: This video is about 37 minutes long (it’s the entire parade with only a few slow spots cut out). It’s a lot longer than the average Dragon*ConTV video.

Zombie Reporter (from DCTV 2004)

Back in 2004, Dragon*ConTV produced a fake newscast (WDCN Channel 16 Action News). One of our favorite moments from the show was the field report on zombies in the park.

Since we’re going to have a lot of zombie content for Dragon*ConTV 2007, we felt it was good to go back to our first zombie appearance … plus you get to hear Thomas scream like a girl 🙂

Editor’s note: the behind the scenes footage from this shoot is funnier than the actual video. Check it out here: http://dragoncontv.com/videos/40/

Yet Another One!

Well kiddies… Here is another of my favorite moments from this last years Masquerade. It also includes a budy of mine!! (she’s the hot one in the yellow)

So here’s the clip… featuring one of, in my opinion, the best literary figures of the 21st century. And hey… Stitch Happens!

Big Bad General Grievous

If anyone had ever seen the Cartoon Network’s version of the Clone Wars, you’ll understand just how badass General Grievous is or… well… was. I mean… he kicks serious butt! But even the most ruthless of us all have a softer side as shown here. Enjoy kiddies…