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Pon Farr … another DCTV joke comes true

Here at Dragon*ConTV headquarters, we try to think of the unthinkable … sci-fi crossing over into the mundane parts of everyday life. However, some things we think are too ridiculous to come true actually become sci-fact.

In this case, it’s Pon Farr Cologne. We made this joke in 2005, but apparently it’s going to be a reality when the new Trek movie comes out later in 2009

DCTV fan “Lars” pointed out a story that’s been circulating on Huffington Post & Slice of SciFi about the movie tie-in. We really have no words to describe our feelings about this … it’s all quite terrible, especially since we’re not going to get paid for our astounding vision into this Trek-scented future.

Zombie Reporter (from DCTV 2004)

Back in 2004, Dragon*ConTV produced a fake newscast (WDCN Channel 16 Action News). One of our favorite moments from the show was the field report on zombies in the park.

Since we’re going to have a lot of zombie content for Dragon*ConTV 2007, we felt it was good to go back to our first zombie appearance … plus you get to hear Thomas scream like a girl πŸ™‚

Editor’s note: the behind the scenes footage from this shoot is funnier than the actual video. Check it out here:

Weds, it’s the new Monday

There’s a reason I didn’t like Return of the Jedi. I mean… how can the well oiled, well trained, overpowering juggernaut that is the Imperial Navy get their asses completely kicked by a bunch of Muppets? Now granted, Muppets kick butt, and I can see Animal taking out 20 or thirty just by himself with nothing but his drumsticks, but HONESTLY. Couldn’t they sponsor a G.I. bill to get some more intelligent trooper material in there!

That, and the kid is just too derned cute for words. Very clever and VERY funny. Well done indeed.