Time to Go Now!

And you think we’ve been slacking off … no way! We’re ready for Dragon*Con 2004 with over an hour of video & slides for the convention. We will be posting hem to site during the convention, but please be patient … we aren’t sleeping much this week 🙂

PS – I know the site doesn’t look right in Safari. However, it looks great in Firefox … and Firefox is free

Video: Used Starship Sale

Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!! Again, Brian takes inspiration from bad TV commercials. After showing this video in the Buffy track, an audience member asked Brian if he made car commercials for a living. Tim’s great voiceover sells this spoof commercial.

Edited & Written by Brian Richardson; Voiceover by Timothy Gott
Featuring images from your favorite canceled TV shows (note to copyright holders: please don’t sue us, we’re not making any money on this)