New: Streaming Memberships for Dragon Con 2017

For 2017, we are excited to expand access to Dragon Con streaming by offering to both members of Dragon Con, as well as people who are not attending the convention. Members are able to purchase streaming via the online store, onsite stores, and at registration. People not attending the convention are now able to create an account and purchase access directly from Continue reading “New: Streaming Memberships for Dragon Con 2017”

Yet Another One!

Well kiddies… Here is another of my favorite moments from this last years Masquerade. It also includes a budy of mine!! (she’s the hot one in the yellow)

So here’s the clip… featuring one of, in my opinion, the best literary figures of the 21st century. And hey… Stitch Happens!

Big Bad General Grievous

If anyone had ever seen the Cartoon Network’s version of the Clone Wars, you’ll understand just how badass General Grievous is or… well… was. I mean… he kicks serious butt! But even the most ruthless of us all have a softer side as shown here. Enjoy kiddies…